Debt Management Plans Rarely Useful As A Credit Repair Tool

If you are deeply in debt, many credit counseling agencies may assume responsibility for repaying your debts and negotiating better rates and lower fees with your creditors. Respectable agencies only provide these debt management programs as a”weapon of last resort” if your debt is becoming unmanageable.

Though debt management programs can help you to get out of debt at a predetermined time period, they seldom help you fix your credit.

For starters, credit counselors are not in business to improve your credit score. The best credit counselors will help educate you to handle your cash, pay off your debts and create a realistic working budget which you can live off of. However, if you decide on a debt management program your credit rating could be reduced.

Using a debt management program, you agree to pay a credit counseling agency a lump sum of money each month for a set time period, often 4 decades or longer. The bureau takes over payment to your creditors, allocating a portion of your monthly payment to each of them. Your creditors will individually have the option of approving or rejecting the plan.

Before all your creditors approves any debt management plan which might be made on your behalf you will need to keep on paying your minimum monthly payment on your own. Any lenders that don’t agree to the program will need to be paid by you, separate from your monthly credit counseling agency payment.

Should they approve the plan, your creditors may list your involvement in a debt management program in your credit report and might even report adverse payment information as you take part in the plan. Many lenders will report positive payment advice so long as they are paid based on the conditions of the plan.

Your credit rating will go down in the event the bureau does not make your minimum required payment with every creditor or is late making a payment. You are still considered entirely responsible for making your required payments monthly, even when you’re working with a credit counseling service.

Reputable credit counseling agencies will be eager to supply you with up-to-date statements of payments made to all your creditors. Verify this information with all your monthly statements you get from your creditors to safeguard your debt has been paid in a timely way. If the agency you’re working with asserts that certain lenders have agreed to lower your interest rate, waive late fees or decrease other fees, you’ll want to confirm this information also.

In case you successfully complete a credit counseling debt management program your financing will probably improve but you might be surprised to learn your credit rating hasn’t went up appreciably, if at all. Only time can improve your credit score oftentimes. Any missed payments or late payments, loans in default or other negative financial information often remains on credit reports for 7 decades.

Debt management programs can make a fantastic beginning on the sometimes long and winding road towards credit fix, despite the fact that they generally do very little to increase your credit score in the short term.

Author: Val Johnson