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Importance of Mold Inspection

A damp and wet basement is a bigger health hazard than most people realize. You might not think much of the humidity in the air or the musty smell, but those are warning signs. When nothing is done, there will be damage to the walls, floor, foundation, and property in there. There is even more danger from the mold and mildew growth.

When you leave the house in that state, your family shall start showing signs of respiratory issues, headaches, allergic reactions, asthma, and even cancer. If you do not see anything strange in the basement, do not convince yourself it is safe, as long as it is damp. The best way to be certain is to hire a professional mold inspection and removal service.

Visible signs of mold growth include a green, brown, gray, or white splotches on the surfaces and items in the basement. There are other indicators, such as a musty odor, water damage signs like water stains or peeling wallpapers, water leaks from pipes or the outside, recent flooding in the basement, and an increase in symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and headaches after being in the basement. You should therefore not hesitate in calling in the professional for mold testing. You will get options once the test is done. It is better not to find any than to ignore the problem.

Mold testing will detect their presence, as well as point out how extensive their spread is, the regions it is thriving the most, and the type of mold present. The professionals will look at all problem areas and take samples. They will also take samples of the air for detection of spores. This is done also in other parts of the house. They will then proceed to the lab to do the analysis. You shall get a comprehensive report of what you are dealing with after a while.

Should they detect the presence of mold, they shall proceed to offer the mold removal services. They get to offer that service fast before things get out of hand. They shall first of all seal off all contaminated areas. They shall thus proceed to spray the visible mold, vacuum it up, apply antimicrobial and antifungal agents on the surfaces, and purify the air. If they find items that are too contaminated, they will have to get rid of them.

It is important to take steps to get rid of the mold in your house. There is a need to put preventative measures in place, so that it does not happen again. You thus need to keep the basement moisture free, and the house as well ventilated as possible. When you see signs of mold presence, make a point of calling in the professionals. There is no better alternative.

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